Location: milky
Gender:it's a girl
Likes: having long conversations with people I don't know...freaking people out....talking anywhere anytime.....lots of other stuff
Hates: people who take everything i say and do literally, preps
Music: alternative rock, techno, grunge rock, rock in general, maybe even a little classical when I'm up to it
Movies: Phantom of the Opera is all that comes to mind right now, Napoleon Dynamite too.....I'll think of some more eventually.....
Color: I don't really like colors, so white, it's the absence of color
Person: Michaelangelo, Aristotle
Style: myself
Random Sentence: Carpools seem like fun.
Glugenfashada: adahsafnegulG
Why do you want to be here?: it's a community meant for freaks...need I go on?
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    I'm not okay (I promise)- My Chemical Romance


I was fixing something for my friend on his little live journal thingy, And when I post it, it came from him please forgive me for that everyone.
So if you got a commment or anything for mixtapexfeeking, It was me and not him.
; quinn. <3
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Lj-cuts please.

Okay just so everyone knows, If you want to apply, please use an lj-cut! It's okay for the last two becuase there was hardly anything on this page before, But after this, Lj-cits are a must.